Meet Meghan Cooper!

She is the mother of two sweet girls and blogs about parenting and lifestyle over at JaMonkey. She loves to visit all the great places around Atlanta and traveling with her family.

Meghan created Atlanta Moms on the Move in 2009 so that she could keep up with all the great events that go on in her area. Discovering new places around the city that are Family friendly and have free days. It grew to national level so she decided to rebrand the website as Yeah, Let’s Go, keeping the local Atlanta sections and plans on opening other city guides as well.




Ann on Train_BWMeet Ann McDermitt!

As a mother of three, Ann can often be found exploring Atlanta’s neighborhoods and beyond. Seeing travel through her family’s eyes has allowed her to enjoy the adventurous spirit children often bring to experiences. Ann honestly believes her kids display their best behavior while travelling, so she keeps them moving  − often!

With an architectural education, Ann has found the trend toward visual conversations to be a perfect fit with her travel experience and visual mind. She openly admits to an addiction to Pinterest, InstaGram, and more. Luckily that addiction is put to good use for her business clients on a regular basis. Serious business when you are reaching out with a message.

Ann’s blog, Mundane Magic, explores parenting, family travel, family technology, and outright daily madness in her household. Ann writes for parenting sites such as Savvy Source for Parents  She is a Social Media Consultant, UbiSoft UbiChamp representative, and Residence Inn Mom.

Meet Tiffany Wong!!!

(More coming soon)