Getting FREE TV in Atlanta

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tvsaveAfter years of struggling to find the best prices on cable or satellite TV around the city I ended up doing something that is going to save me over $900 this year. Everyone loves saving money here and there but if you got an extra $100 in your pocket and still got to see your favorite shows wouldn’t you do it too?

This year one of my resolutions was to save money and pay off bills but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that. Then I started looking at how much money I was spending on my cable bill. With basic cable from Comcast I was paying $100 a month after taxes and fees. That’s insane for BASIC CABLE! After researching I found out that most of the channels I was watching were offered for FREE in the Atlanta area. The only thing I needed to do was get a HDTV Antenna to pick them up.

ad-miles (1)Now depending on where you live in the Atlanta area you have lots of options on what you can pick up. First you need to head to Antenna Point and search your specific location. This will show you where the transmitters are for the networks. Then once you know how far away you are from the transmitters it’s time to get an HDTV Antenna. You can get a basic 30 mile range options at your local stores like Target but I didn’t have a lot of luck with those. I wanted something I knew was going to last and pick up the stations I needed so I sprung for the ClearStream Antennas from Antennas Direct. They had the best ratings and ranges for where I was located. Not to mention their customer support is unmatched because it’s all they do! They also can be mounted in your attic if you don’t want to install it on the roof.

After everything is in place you simple scan for channels on your TV and boom FREE HDTV is coming to your house and all you spent for the year was on an antenna. Now you you want to hook it up to an older model TV you will need to get a convertor box for it. But newer model HDTV’s are already able to get the feed.

Watch 100,00 of Movies & Shows instantly on your T
Now say if your favorite show comes on when you are at book club and you no longer have a DVR because you cute the cord. That ok I have a device to help solve that problem as well. Meet the Roku. This handy little box has over 600+ channels that you can stream your favorite shows and movies on. Channels like Hulu, which is my favorite because all the big shows are on it the day after they air. (Try Hulu Plus – Get 1-week FREE,) Netflix hooks you up with movies and full seasons shipped to your door and you can stream from any device (including your Roku). Amazon Instant Video (FREE 30 day trial) also streams movies and TV shows. You also get Kindle books and free shipping on everything from Amazon.

The Roku has become our go to device when we want to catch up on a show or see a new movie. With the purchase of it and the antenna we spent around $150. But it’s a one time fee and no monthly fee at all. Now the programs I listed above are a monthly fee (prices depend on plan selected) but it’s a MUCH smaller price to pay considering most people are paying upwards of $100 a month for cable or satellite.

I hope these tips help! I can already tell how much it’s helping us save.


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  1. Rachel M says:

    When we lived in Texas, we needed to shave off some extra money from our bills each month, so we did this, and it was seriously the best ever! we realized that we don’t really watch enough to spend that much- (we are new here, so we hadn’t checked out what Atlanta has to offer) but we coupled this with Netflix and saved SO much money- but we will be looking into it again soon, as i feel like it’s just a waste of money!

  2. So does the antenna work if you have more than one TV? We have one in each bedroom, living room and sitting room (total of 6) and one outside on the deck.

    • If your house is networked for cable properly (mine isn’t) you can plug it into the main feed line and it will distribute throughout the house!

  3. And does it get channels like Disney, Nickolodean Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, etc?

    • No it gets channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS. For those channels I use the Roku to find the shows we want to watch. We didn’t watch those ones because of all the kid driven commercials. PBS viewers here. With the Roku we only get maybe 2 commercials a show.

  4. Yes, dealing with our cable company has been a nightmare. They kept increasing the rates. So we would call to change our service. We downgraded to a lower plan they agreed was supposed to provide 6 mg speed of internet. We were ripped off because we only were getting 1 MB! So we canceled the internet. Then, a couple of weeks later, they (without any notice) changed our cable service and we lost over half of our channels for the weekend. When we called, we received foreign techs who were clueless. We finally got it resolved and our regular cable service back, but really, we spend at least 2 hours a month dealing with billing or service issues with them. We were able to get alternate internet and phone service, and we tried to get alternate cable service, but apparently the FCC only allows one provider in an area. REALLY ? ? ? This company needs some competition so they get their service and prices right and in line and treat people right. They have become a monopoly and they need to gooooo.

    And thanks Meg for all the valuable info.

  5. Sven Gally says:

    cut the cable cord about a month ago. just went to radio shack and bought an RCA digital antenna for about $60. took me about 5 minutes to plug it into the back of the tv and then into the wall outlet. went to tv set up and switched from cable to tv. that was all there was to it! the picture is better than when we had cable. getting all the local channels now. don’t really watch a lot of tv anyway. we are spending more family time now talking and playing games and saving about $1200 a year. one of the best thing we ever did!

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