Iron Kids Triathlon – September 15 2012

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Athlete on-site registration and packet pick-up, IronKids Expo and finish will all take place at Wills Park behind the Alpharetta Community Center/Event Lawn. The race start and transition will take place at Wills Park pool and parking lot, located on Old Milton Parkway between Roswell Street and Wills Road at 1825 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, Georgia, 30009. Phone: 678-297-2811


Volunteers Needed

We are recruiting a team of dedicated volunteers to assist in helping each participant reach their goal of finishing!  Are you part of a charitable organization? We have opportunities for groups such as schools, clubs, churches and other not-for-profit organizations to volunteer at the event.

Please contact Patrick McGee at or (813) 868-5928 for details.

Divisional Race Distance

Children ages 6-15 years-old compete in age-appropriate distance with an emphasis on fitness, fun and safety. ·

Junior (6-8 year-olds): 50 yard swim/2 mile bike/500 yard run

Intermediate (9-11 year-olds): 150 yard swim/4 mile bike/1 mile run

Senior (12-15 year-olds): 300 yard swim/8 mile bike/2 mile run

Swim Course

Pool Swim Start

The Pool Swim Start takes place in a lap pool.  The swim is conducted in waves – one child at a time in approximately three-second intervals.  Kids swim up one lane and, upon reaching the end of the lane, move over to the next lane and swim down.  Similar to a ziz-zag or switch-back formation.  The Senior Division starts at 7am, the Intermediate Division starts at 8:30am and Junior Division starts at 9:15am.

Swim Course & Water Safety:

Wetsuits are NOT allowed.  We have a large team of Lifeguards and Water Safety Marshals that surround the pool.

Bike Course

The bike course is on roads closed to motor traffic.  We have IronKids staff, volunteers and signs directing participants.  However, please make sure your child knows the division he or she is in, as we refer to the course based on division (Junior, Intermediate and Senior).  Large mile markers will be position on the bike course.

Run Course

The run course is on paved walkways or paths.  Please make sure your child knows what division he or she is in, as we refer to divisions to help direct participants along the course.  Run course directional signs are color-coded: yellow for Junior, orange for Intermediate and light blue for Senior.




IronKids will adopt and follow the new USAT Supplemental Youth Rules.

For a full list of USAT rules, please click here

USAT has implemented new membership rules and fee’s for all youth sanctioned events.  We will now offer a one-day license for $10 or an annual membership for $15.  You may purchase the one-day license during registration.  The annual membership will be available on site.


USA Triathlon “Age-Up” Policy

In accordance with USAT rules, an athlete’s official race age is his/her age on December 31, 2012. Athletes will be classified by their race age into the following divisions:

Junior: Ages 6-8 (50 yard swim/2 mile bike/500 yard run)

Intermediate: Ages 9-11 (150 yard swim/4 mile bike/1 mile run)

Senior: 12-15 (300 yard swim/8 mile bike/2 mile run)



Registration and Packet Pick-Up

All athletes must check in at packet pick-up to receive their race materials.  IronKids staff and volunteers will assist you throughout the process.  Please remember to bring your online registration confirmation if pre-registered, as well as your USAT youth membership card.

The Packet Pick-Up Includes:

  • Athlete check in is your first stop. Here, you provide your athlete’s name and receive a *mandatory waiver* that must be filled out on site. Even if you pre-registered online and previously accepted the IronKids waiver, you must fill out an additional waiver on site. If you are completing a new registration, you will receive all required forms here.
  • After initial athlete check in, proceed to corresponding tables to gather mandatory race materials.  All athletes will receive:
    • IronKids Goodie Bag
    • Race Bib Number (worn on the front of the shirt or on a race belt)
    • Colored Swim Cap corresponding to the athlete’s division:
      • Junior Division: yellow
      • Intermediate Division: red
      • Senior Division: blue
    • Bike Frame Sticker
    • Helmet Sticker
    • 2012 IronKids T-Shirt
  • USA Triathlon (USAT) Membership Check:
    • Please remember to bring your USAT youth membership card.  If you are not currently a member of USAT, you must fill out an application form.  The cost of a one-day license is $10.00.  Please retain the copy of the USAT membership form, as it is temporary proof of your youth membership until you receive your official card from USAT.
  • Merchandise:  A variety of IronKids merchandise is available for purchase at the merchandise table, including hats, visors, t-shirts, key chains, stickers and necklaces.

Team Division

An IronKids “Team” is defined as a group of five or more youth triathletes representing a sports club, sports team, school or vendor.  All athletes within the Team Division compete as individuals, contributing to an overall team point total based on his or her finishing place.  The team with the overall highest point total receives a trophy that is awarded to the team coach.

Team points are awarded as follows:

  • First place: 10 points
  • Second place: 8 points
  • Third place: 6 points
  • Fourth place: 4 points
  • Fifth place: 2 points
  • Each participating team member earns one point regardless of placement. Therefore, your athlete can be assured that he or she will be rewarded for completing the race.

Coaches:  Please provide a complete list of athletes at registration (regardless if you have completed the Team registration process on-line), including each athlete’s full name, date of birth and emergency contact information.  If you have questions or concerns in regards to the Team Division, please contact

Athletes: If you are a member of a team and had not previously registered with your coach to compete under the Team Division, please notify registration prior to the race.

Athletes with Disabilities

Please contact IronKids at info@ironkids to discuss any special accommodations that may be required for your athlete on race day.

Medical Information

Our first and foremost concern at any race is athlete safety and well-being. Please notify registration about any known medical conditions/disorders/concerns, and provide a list of medications that the athlete is currently taking. Additionally, please provide an *on-site cell phone number* for an emergency contact if you have not already done so on-line. Each race site is staffed with a team of highly trained and highly qualified medical personnel to meet the needs of any athlete who might require assistance. An ambulance is will also be present on site to respond to emergency transport needs. A medical tent is located at the finish line. If your athlete requires medical attention, please check in at the medical tent or notify a race official.


Each IronKids athlete receives a timing chip and ankle strap that corresponds to his or her registration information.  Timing chips allow each athlete to receive a finishing time and course splits, and are vital for athlete safety in order for all athletes to be accounted for at the conclusion of the race.  All timing chips must be worn around an athlete’s right or left ankle.

**Each participant must wear a timing chip at all times during the race.  Failure to wear a timing chip throughout the duration of the race will lead to disqualification.**

Once the participant crosses the finish line, volunteers will collect the athlete’s timing chip. All timing chips must be returned to Ironman Timing.

Please direct any questions or concerns about timing to Ironman Timing immediately at the conclusion of the race.


Post-race results are available on-site at the conclusion of the race and are posted at  Please pay *very* careful attention to the results board, as there will be “unofficial” as well as “official” results.  Unofficial results are not set-in-stone, and are subject to change based on forthcoming data (e.g., if an athlete is found to have missed one loop on the bike course).  Unofficial results tend to be posted and updated periodically as the race progresses.  Official results will be provided at the conclusion of the race, and are considered the “final” results.  Awards are based on the official, final results.

We encourage all athletes and families to remain on site and evaluate results at the conclusion of the race.


The top three athletes within each age category (e.g., 6-year-old females, 9-year-old boys, etc.) receive a placement trophy.  The top five athletes within each age category receive a 2013 Hy-Vee IronKids US Championship qualification packet.  We encourage all athletes, families and spectators to remain on site to view and participate in the awards ceremony, which takes place approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the entire race.

All participants within the 2012 IronKids National Race Series will receive a commemorative medal upon crossing the finish line.

If you are unable to stay for the Awards Ceremony, please contact Patrick McGee at as soon as possible in order to make arrangements for your athlete to receive his or her trophy.  If you are aware that your athlete placed within the top five of his or her age group, it is recommended remain for the awards ceremony not only for the positive experience, but also to guarantee the timely receipt of the athlete’s earned award(s).

2013 Hy-Vee IronKids US Championship Qualification Information, Registration Procedures, and Roll-Down Information

The top five athletes within each age category (e.g., 6-year-old females, 9-year-old males, etc.) qualify for the 2013 Hy-Vee IronKids US Championship, which will take place in Des Moines, Iowa.   At the awards ceremony, each of the top five athletes will receive a 2013 Hy-Vee US Championship qualification packet.

E-mail notifications are also sent to the top five athletes within each age division stating that they have qualified for the 2013 Hy-Vee IronKids US Championship.  Please make sure you have provided your valid, updated e-mail address either through on-line or on-site registration.  This e-mail contains detailed instructions about how to complete the registration process for the US Championship on

When registration opens for the 2013 Hy-Vee IronKids National Championship, you will have a *two-week only* window (the e-mail will specify the specific dates) during which to reserve your spot to compete.  You do not have to complete the registration process during the two-week window; however you will be required to submit information to reserve your spot.  This is called “Pre-Registration.”  If you do not reserve your spot and do not pre-register during this two-week window, you are indicating that you will not be competing at the 2013 US Championship.  Therefore, your spot will be “rolled down” to the next athlete within your age category.

Athletes who receive a roll-down spot will also be notified via e-mail that they are eligible to register for the US Championship, and have a two-week window during which to reserve their spot.  Roll-down will only occur *once*.  If you wish to compete at the 2013 Hy-Vee IronKids US Championship, please make sure you pre-register during your designated window.

If you have any additional questions about the 2013 Hy-Vee IronKids US Championship, the registration process or roll-down procedures, please contact Patrick McGee at Patrick

Parent/Guardian Conduct & Disputes

The IronKids environment is a safe and fun place for kids to participate in the great sport of triathlon.  To ensure all athletes walk away with the best experience, we need to uphold a positive and supportive atmosphere at all times.  Parents are asked to be supportive of all children that are out there trying their best to achieve their goals.


Bad conduct from a parent may result in the disqualification of their own child, as well as a ban from all future IronKids races.  Bad conduct constitutes but is not limited the following:

  • Negative comments to your child or another child
  • Yelling at volunteers, race officials other parents or participants
  • Interfering with participants or race officials, etc.

If you have a dispute, it is mandatory to notify an IronKids race official within 30 minutes of the completion of the race, which will then be addressed by either the IronKids Director or Race Director.  We will not address any disputes after this time.

Please do not discuss issues with volunteers or anyone other than IronKids staff.  The IronKids staff is committed to resolving your issue swiftly, and to discuss your concern in a calm and constructive manner.  Please keep in mind your audience while you are addressing your dispute.  We will not tolerate foul language, extreme outbursts or aggressive attitudes in front of our young athletes.

Contacting IronKids

General inquires:   


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