Tips for Visiting Las Vegas on a Budget

Tips for Visiting Las Vegas on a Budget

Freemont StreetI’ve only been to Las Vegas once before. I was attending a conference with a bunch of women and it took all my money just to get the plane ticket and hotel room that I shared with three other people. We stayed on the strip, which was absolutely amazing. But if I had known what I do now about Las Vegas I would have budgeted my money better and planned the entire trip out before I got there.
Las Vegas can be very expensive, from the rooms to the food and the shows. But if you know a few tips before you go you’ll save money and still have a great time.

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Here are some great tips provided by Marriott. Marriott International is a leading hospitality company with over 3,800 properties in over 74 countries and territories around the world. Sign up for coupons and discounts before you go. Book your trip during the offseason. July-August during the week.

  • Check your rewards cards. See if you have points you can redeem for discounts on your room or flight to Vegas.
  • Take in free sightseeing. There are lots of things you’ll find in Las Vegas that are free and open to the public. Check out the times that they start so you can head over there when it’s time.
  • Ditch the Taxi and head for the Bus. Las Vegas has a great bus system that you can pay a flat rate for all-day travel up and down the strip. This is the only way I suggest you get to Freemont street. It will save you a big chunk of change.
  • Last-minute tickets. Unless there is something you are just dying to see, wait to buy your tickets until you are in Vegas. You’ll get better discounts because they want to fill those seats no matter what they cost. There are Tix4Tonight booths all over the strip.
  • Hit the buffets at lunch. Dinners are more expensive than lunches so hit the buffets at lunchtime to get nice and full.
  • Free drinks. You can get free drinks during Happy Hours and sit at the slot machines on the casino floor.
  • Most casinos offer free gaming lessons for poker, roulette, craps, and blackjack.
  • New to gaming? Head to the casinos downtown for lower minimums.
  • Getting married? Fill out the marriage license form online before you arrive so that you can skip the lines. Then find out if your hotel features any specials for honeymooners or wedding parties.

Here is a great infographic to help you remember these great tips from Marriott. Pin it for later to make planning easy!

Las Vegas on a Budget – An infographic by the team at Marriott Las Vegas Hotels



  1. I’m totally going to remember this bus tip. I’ve been there but we walked or cabbed. 🙁 Now you’ve got me wanting to take another trip over there!

  2. My hubby and I have never been to Vegas! We almost skipped a big wedding and eloped in Vegas but then we decided not to. I didn’t realize July-August was the off season! I would love to go in July around my birthday!

  3. I also just learned there’s a specific Facebook game app that you can play (free) that can get you REAL rewards in Vegas, I may need to start playing before my trip!

  4. Great tips for visiting Las Vegas on a budget! The city is one of our top places to visit, but I’ve always thought it was too expensive. The tip about waiting until you are there to buy tickets is golden!

  5. There is so much to DO in Vegas- this helps at least know where to start.
    All I know of Vegas is what I see in movies and tv and friends’ Facebook pics!

  6. wow i had no idea there WERE so many ways to save in vegas!! i haven’t ever been but it’s good to know i CAN Find ways to save

  7. I almost booked a conference in Vegas this upcoming Februrary but sadly could not attend. I would love to take the husband out there one day for a little vacation though.

  8. I like the suggestions of free things to do in Vegas! Especially since everything else ends up adding up. My husband goes there every spring with a group of his friends.

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